Zet de ‘anti’ in anti-aanbaklaag

Put the 'anti' in non-stick coating

You admire your newly built Co-Fire, the taste of the BBQ already in your mouth. But before the culinary fun can begin, we have to do some preliminary work. This will ensure that your meal comes out even tastier and better.
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The GrillRing you received is delivered in rust-free condition. To prevent it from rusting over time, it is important to grease it well. Greasing must take place before, during and after each use of the GrillRing. Clean the GrillRing with water to remove any dirt and dust from the plate. Grease the plate with oil. Not all oils are suitable for heating. It can even be unhealthy because carcinogens can be formed. These are called PAH: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Therefore, preferably fry in 'normal' olive oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil or corn oil. With this oil you will obtain the most beautiful black non-stick layer or a protective layer on the GrillRing.

What does a 'non-stick' layer do?

A non-stick layer ensures that you get a layer on your Grill Ring that, as the word says it all, anti, does not stick. This makes it easier for your meat to come off the plate, for your vegetables to retain their beautiful shape and, above all, for you to use less oil. This makes the meal less fatty and you can cook healthier.

To make this non-stick layer, we will start a small fire in the fire bowl. You do this by making a tent shape from your wood blocks. Let it burn for half an hour so that the GrillRing can 'settle'. This minimizes any slight warping. Due to the design of the Ring, the excess fat will drip back into the bowl. The fire will burn and clean up any excess grease and grime.

After doing this once, this procedure is no longer necessary and you can bake whenever you want.

Or watch the video for a visual instruction!