discover with Co-fire

The power of cooking on fire


enjoy lifelong

Popular for durability

Corten steel fire bowls are fire bowls made of Corten steel, also known as weather-resistant steel or COR-TEN steel. Corten steel is an alloy of steel in which copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel and chromium have been added. This alloy forms a rust-like layer over time, which protects against further corrosion. That means enjoying your Co-Fire for life!


Experience the taste of the outside

High Grill

The most beautiful way of Outdoor Cooking is cooking on the Co-fire together with a Chef for the pure taste experience of cooking on a fire bowl. Experience the taste of freshly prepared meals and learn how you can also cook culinary on the GrillRing. Also nice as a family dinner, gift tip or in combination with a business meeting.

Upon arrival we were pampered with delicious snacks made live on real fire by a very good chef.

Henry Smith