GrillRing Set 80 Woodstock

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GrillRing Set 80 Woodstock

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GrillRing Set 80 Woodstock

With grill slots


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The fire bowl is made of cast iron.

The fire bowl can also be used separately from the GrillRing. The Corten steel ring square that can be placed under the fire bowl not only provides extra stability, but also makes it possible to tilt the fire bowl into the 'Egg position' for a better view of the fire.

The GrillRing is made of high quality (8 mm) hardened steel. The steel is stress-relieved by heat treatment, which minimizes the risk of warping and makes the surface robust and scratch-resistant. The GrillRing 'floats' in the dish, so that excess oil or fat is drained directly into the dish. The distance to the edge of the bowl also allows air to be supplied so that the flames can fully develop. With the GrillRing-Set 80 Basic you can easily spoil up to 20 guests with culinary delights.

The Top is a Corten steel cover plate 85 cm that ensures that the GrillRing and bowl are shielded from rain and prevents ashes and sparks from being blown away. As soon as the plate is placed on the scale, the fire is immediately extinguished and you can leave the fire place with peace of mind. Thanks to the Top, the fire bowl can also be used as a table.

The Woodstock is a Corten steel column of 40x40x75 cm, which provides the option of storing wood and raises the GrillRing to the desired height, sitting or standing.

The Stainless Steel Spatula Small is ideal for scraping the GrillRing clean.

The GrillRing-Set 80 Cube consists of the following elements:

  • Cast iron fire bowl 80 cm
  • Corten steel Ring square
  • Grill Ring 80 cm
  • Top 85 cm
  • Woodstock
  • Spatula Small

    The set is delivered in a non-corroded condition. If you want to speed up the natural rusting process, you can do that yourself with a slightly corrosive agent such as a vinegar-water mixture. See FAQ for more info.