Mobile 100+
Mobile 100+

Co-Fire Cooking on Fire

Mobile 100+

Sale price€2.645,00
Grill slots:With grill slots
Color wheels:Gray
Height wheels:12.5cm
Pickup available at Magazijn/showroom Usually ready in 2-4 days

Mobile 100+

With grill slots / Gray / 12.5cm


Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

Vlagheide 4 - 6
5466 PZ Veghel


The Mobile 100+ is ideal for both professional and hobby cooks.

And offers all the possibilities to prepare a fully culinary meal.
It's compact and portable so you can easily use it where you need it, with handy space to store all your essentials.
The Mobile also has a cutting block made of solid beech wood. The complete set is offered in rust color , so that it can be used immediately in an attractive way.
This Mobile+ is equipped with an ash drawer and ash slide. This allows you to remove the ashes in the meantime, especially if you are grilling for a longer period of time, such as during a day/evening event.
This also gives you an extra oxygen boost so that the flames can develop even more.

Depending on the size, you can easily spoil up to 80 guests with this set.

The Mobile 100+ consists of the following elements:

  • GrillRing 100 PRO with/without grill slots
  • Corten steel fire bowl 100 cm
  • Corten steel Ring square
  • Mobile with ash drawer and ash slide
  • 4x Colson Wheels
  • Top 110 PRO
  • Dot BBQ 90/100 PRO
  • Co Fire Gloves
  • Spatula
  • oilcan
  • Beech wood cutting board

The GrillRing 100 PRO is made of high quality 10 mm hardened steel. The steel is stress-relieved by heat treatment, which minimizes the risk of warping and makes the surface robust and scratch-resistant. The GrillRing 'floats' as it were in the dish, so that any excess oil or fat is always drained directly into the dish. The distance to the edge of the dish also allows air to be supplied so that the flames can fully develop. to acquire.
The Corten steel fire bowl of 88-90 cm in diameter is made of 3 mm thick Corten steel. Corten steel is a weather-resistant type of steel and very suitable for daily moving of the set. This scale has been adapted for the + version.
The Corten steel ring (Ø45 cm, height 8 cm) which is mounted on the Mobile+ provides extra stability and maximum support for the fire bowl. The ring makes it possible to place the fire bowl level, even on slightly sloping surfaces.
The Mobile is made of 2 mm thick cold-rolled Corten steel and is equipped with an ash drawer and ash slide so that you can also remove ash in the meantime and the fire more easily retains its flames. Thanks to the compartments, you have all kinds of spaces to store your wood, spices, oils, plates, tools and the like. There is also the possibility to hang a hand / tea towel on the side.

The Top 110 PRO is a Corten steel cover plate that ensures that the GrillRing and bowl are shielded from rain and prevents ashes and sparks from being blown away. As soon as the plate is placed on the scale, the fire is immediately extinguished and you can leave the fire place with peace of mind. The Top PRO has a drip edge at the bottom, which minimizes the incidence of rainwater.
For even more culinary cooking options, the etagère provides the Dot BBQ PRO (with grill slots) additional cooking and grilling surface. This is made of 10 mm special steel and provides the bbq striping and special smoke flavor to your meat, fish and vegetables. The possibly hot Dot BBQ PRO can be removed after use with fireproof gloves, the Co-Fire Gloves , so that the cover plate can be placed on the still warm fire bowl for protection.

The following two handy cooking accessories are included. The Spatula Large is a stainless steel spatula with which you can easily scrape and move the plate. You can place the Spatula on the edge of the GrillRing during cooking. In addition, the elegant 500ml stainless steel Oilcan for perfect distribution of the oil on the GrillRing. The solid beech wood cutting board , in the format 48x48x4 cm, gives the cook an ideal preparation surface to cook on the GrillRing.

The heavy duty Colson Wheels that make the set mobile are available in blue or grey. Depending on what you find a pleasant working height, you can opt for the 85 mm or 125 mm wheels. The total working height of the set is therefore 95 cm with 85 mm wheels or 100 cm with 125 mm wheels.